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Episode 14: Venom 2 - Let There Be Carnage

This week on Hotel Vicarious, Daria and Jenny discuss Venom II: Let There Be Carnage! We talk about how this film differs from its predecessor and how despite being a bit short in plot, it was still an enjoyable film that doesn’t take itself too seriously! It definitely stays true to its comic book roots! We also discuss what’s next for Eddie and Venom and how they might show up in the Marvel Universe in the future!

We also talk about how weird it is not to be talking about Ted Lasso, the absolutely refreshing delight that is Bowen Yang and how how much we want to hear from our listeners on their thoughts for next week’s episode on everyone’s favorite Practical Magic!  

Further required viewing:

Bowen Yang as a proud and gay Oompa Loompa (

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