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Episode 20: The Witcher Season One Recap Part One

Can y'all believe this week marks the 20th episode of Hotel Vicarious? The passing of time is a wild, wild thing. And what better way to honor our little achievement then to get started on all things The Witcher! With the season two premiere a little more than a week away, we're refreshing our brains on the happenings of Geralt of Rivia, Princess Ciri, and our favorite sorceress Yennefer. Oh, and the Dandelion himself, Jaskier.

This week we cover episodes 1-4 of season one with a recap that reminded us just how DENSE this show is- but we love it so much more for that.

We also mention Daria's love of Wheel of Time, Jenny's excitement to check out One Night in Soho and how much both of them are VERY OVERWHELMED by the near end of 2021.

Plus, Jenny gives a big shoutout to Esther and Holly of the Wildly Tarot Podcast and the release of their new book: The History of Tarot Art. If you're interested - and you should be - you can order a copy on Amazon (in the US) and Chapters (in dear old Canada).

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