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Episode 28: The Witcher Season 2, Episode 7

This week on Hotel Vicarious, Daria and Jenny   unpack the Witcher’s penultimate episode. The show hits us pretty early on with everyone slowly just descending into chaos and despair. Will Yennafer be the teacher Ciri has needed all along despite not being able to get back her power? We finally get the reunion we’ve been waiting for all damn season. Back in Cintra, Fringilla is desperately trying to keep control of her grasp on Nilfgaard. And finally, despite Geralt’s best efforts there’s a new monster on the loose…

Jenny and Daria also talk about how January lasted five months, our impractical fashion choices in our 20s, Jenny talks about how she’s loving The Book of Boba Fett and even more now with this week’s surprise cameo. And Daria finished Yellowjackets and she needs everyone, especially Jenny, to watch it  

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