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Episode 34: Bridgerton Season One Recap

In this week's episode Daria and Jenny have finally arrived at the penultimate episode of A Countdown to Bridgerton! We talk all things Season 1 - our highs (Anthony's bum, Lady Danbury's hats, everything to do with Benedict), our lows (Anthony's sideburns, *that* scene which never should have been filmed, and pretty much anything to do with Simon - but we still love RJP!) and our hopes and dreams for the future - will Benedict join the Granvilles in a Regency throuple? Will Colin shave off that hideous goatee? And of course, the person we are most excited to see - our girl, Kate Sharma!

We had no book of the week this week, but we highly recommend checking out Julia Quinn's entire Bridgerton back catalogue. It is very enjoyable! And it will be something to keep you occupied after you watch all the episodes in one day (don't lie, we know it's going to happen!)

We also give a brief run through of how we'll be recapping our Season 2 episodes and we really excited about it!

Tally ho, listeners!

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