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Episode 35: Bridgerton Season Two Part One

We've made it, dear readers! We've finally reached the premiere of Bridgerton season 2 and we are more than ready to re-enter society and catch up with our favorite families in Mayfair. This week on Hotel Vicarious we jump in to the first three episodes - society premieres, horseback rides at dawn, a lot of heavy breathing, and gorgeous, gorgeous gowns. We chat about our favorite new characters, our MVPs, and how much we love Kate Sharma (spoiler alert- we're obsessed).

There's a ton to discuss, a lot of predictions to be made, and we spend an awful lot of time talking about Benedict Bridgerton and what a delight he is.

Also, how excited are we to lose the sideburns?

This week's Book of the Week is Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon, which you can find here or here! It's a quirky, heartfelt, shenanigans abound romance that Daria read in one sitting (but what else is new).

Tally ho, listeners!

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