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Episode 36: Bridgerton Season Two Part Two

Does anyone else have a big case of the flutters? The heavy breathings? Is anyone else plagued by the torment that Kate and Anthony are giving us?! This week on Hotel Vicarious we are talking about the three middle episodes (4,5,6) - house parties, hunting parties, Kate and Anthony doing so much heavy breathing in each others faces, Portia Featherington continues her scheming, honestly the list of things that happened in these jam packed episodes is endless.

These three episodes have given us truly some of our favorite and most memorable moments of this season, but also some of the saddest and most painful as well - and no one even died from a horrific bee sting in these ones!

This week's Book of the Week is Gouda Friends by Cathy Yardley, which you can find here or here! It's a geeky, cheesy (in the brie and cheddar way), delicious friends to lovers romance that we just ate right up!

You can find the tiktok by author Nisha Sharma that Jenny referenced in the article here.

And also the article by Shelli Nicole on - "Bridgerton and the Problem with Color-Conscious Casting"

Tally ho, listeners!

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