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Episode 37: Bridgerton Season Two Part Three

Ahhh is it over already?? We would have enjoyed at least two more episodes along with Episode 7 and 8 but we got so many great scenes, along with some real rage inducing ones! Finally Kate and Anthony allow themselves to feel their feelings! But not before traumatizing us with the most beautiful goodbye dance of all time. There's also a lot of betrayals in these last two episodes in other side plots and while the season wraps up a beautiful story for Kate and Anthony it definitely left us wondering how any of these characters are going to be ready for Season 3???

This week's Book of the Week is Wicked and the Wallflower by Sarah MacLean, which you can find here or here! It was Daria's first foray into reading Regency Romance! Felicity and Devil are such an amazing pair, and it was exactly what we needed to read after binging so much Bridgerton!

Tally ho, listeners! Next week we head back in time to the 10th century when we begin our Season 5 recap of The Last Kingdom!

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