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Episode 40: The Last Kingdom Season Five Part One

We have finally arrived at the show that brought Daria and Jenny together! We are so excited to be recapping Season 5 of The Last Kingdom. We really love this show, and that's probably going to be quite evident to you once you actually listen to this episode. Sorry not sorry. The first four episodes start off with a gentle reminder of all the characters and by the time we get to the end of episode four we're distraught and we still have six episodes to go!! It was so great seeing all our faves - Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Osferth, Eadith. As well as some new faces that add some truly great moments to the first four episodes!

We also get mean about celebrities and discuss in length how everyone who attended this year's Met Gala failed to understand the theme (though maybe not quite as badly as the Kardashians misunderstood it), that Jenny is starting a romance bookstore, and how excited we are for our upcoming schedule!

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