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Episode 41: The Last Kingdom Season Five Part Two

This podcast episode is heavy, folks. Epsiode 5, 6 and 7 of The Last Kingdom Season 5 are not kind to our favorite characters! Each episode has truly traumatic death and our babe Uhtred is dealing with A LOT. We've also got Aelswith and Eadith cavorting around the countryside like the world's oddest couple. And Aethelhelm is still the best worst baddie of all time on this show.

We also talk about the horrendous ending to Killing Eve, Daria's love for Sam Raimi's new Dr. Strange movie, how Halo is actually a pretty good show, and THAT CLIP that's on the internet of Jesse Williams (we don't condone it and we think whoever filmed it should get in trouble) but also O_O. We contain multitudes....

No book of the week this week, Jenny is exhausted getting the bookstore ready to open tomorrow (Friday May 13th!) and Daria has been writing up a storm! But next week, hopefully, we will be back with a new book rec!!!

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